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Meet the Filmmakers

Meet the five local filmmakers who helped each woman share her story, and watch the film that received the most votes, “Eman” by Alia Adel.


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Alia Adel


Asyut, Egypt

Eman’s community doesn’t understand why she is both a mother and a farmer. In her village in Asyut, Egypt, women traditionally don’t work outside of the home, but Eman needed to in order to support her family after her husband passed away.

Rather than ask for help, Eman rented land and began to farm, doing all of the work herself in hopes of affording her children an education and a better life.

See how Eman is trying to overcome the Crop Gap by pursuing farming despite the traditional gender roles in her community.

  • Archana Borhade

    Archana Borhade

    Mumbai, India

    Archana is an Indian director, writer and cinematographer. She attended Mumbai University where she graduated with honors in Information Technology Engineering in 2004.

    Archana began making films in 2007 after she assisted talented cinematographers on various projects, and found her true calling in the world of cinematography. She won the Maharashtra State Award for Best Cinematography at 55th Maharashtra State Film Awards for the Marathi feature film ‘Idak’ and was also the official selection by Maharashtra State Film Committee for the Cannes 2018 Film Market.

  • Gloria Kurnik

    Gloria Kurnik

    Krakow, Poland

    Gloria Kurnik is an award-winning Polish filmmaker specializing in short documentaries. From combating toxic volcanic fumes in Java, to crawling under the scorching sun of a Rajasthani desert, Gloria has filmed in over 20 countries on 4 continents. Her films have been screened internationally and have won awards in Norway, Canada, Poland, Italy and India.

  • Meredith Meeks

    Meredith Meeks

    Portland, Oregon, United States

    Meredith is a filmmaker, river runner, fisherwoman, climber, and an avid seeker of wild places. She is primarily a storyteller and producer, directing her craft towards social and environmental issues. She believes in the power of film to ignite change. Her mission is to use filmmaking to educate people about issues, inspire them to get involved, and take them to different places in order to show another perspective.

  • Carla Molina Soto

    Carla Molina Soto

    Guatemala City, Guatemala

    Carla Molina was born in Guatemala in 1981. She studied Communication Sciences at the University Rafael Landivar, Guatemala, and cinematography at the Universidad del Cine (FUC) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a founding member of the Guatemalan Association of Audiovisual and cinematography (AGAcine). She has directed her own short film documentary ASHES(CHA); and short film LA MECANICA, both currently in various international festivals.

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