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From the women who face the Crop Gap to organizations like PepsiCo and CARE, we hope to start a conversation about why it’s important to work together towards finding solutions to close the Crop Gap. Discover more about the Crop Gap below through the lens of new voices and other organizations.

  • CARE

    Closing the Crop Gap in Egypt – Meet Suzan, Randa, and Nagla

    Suzan, Randa and, Nagla are women farmers living in Egypt that face the Crop Gap. A program by CARE called “She Feeds the World” is aiming to change that by empowering small-scale women farmers through training and education. Focused on improving food security and nutrition, the program is empowering women around the world to help create positive changes for their families and communities.

  • PepsiCo

    The Role of Gender in Building a Sustainable Food System

    Women are integral in every part of the Food System. Discover how closing the Crop Gap is critical to increasing global food production.

  • Landesa

    Transformative Change Through Women’s Land Rights by Karol Bourdreaux

    Learn about a major constraint that makes it difficult for women on small-scale farms to build sustainable livelihoods: women frequently lack control over land.

  • PepsiCo

    Why Women are Key to More Sustainable Agriculture

    See why Christine Daugherty, VP of Global Sustainable Agriculture and Responsible Sourcing at PepsiCo, believes that empowering women is an important step to building a sustainable food system.

  • Basket of Corn


    Closing the Crop Gap: Empowering Women to Feed the World

    Read the perspective of Michelle Nunn, CEO and President of CARE, on why “it’s essential that we address one of the main causes of food insecurity — gender inequality.”

  • UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)


    Learn more about the role of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in making gender equality and women’s empowerment a reality.

  • CARE

    She Feeds the World: CARE’s Programmatic Framework for Food and Nutrition Security

    Dive deeper into the reasons why hunger and malnutrition are the greatest threats to public health and more about CARE’s integrated approach to improving food and nutrition security globally.

    *Photo Credit: Peter Caton/CARE

  • New Security Beat

    Women in Agriculture: Closing the Gender Gap for Development and World Hunger

    Read how providing women with equal access to productive resources and opportunities may be the key to bolstering the struggling global agricultural sector and feeding communities living in extreme hunger, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) latest State of Food and Agriculture report.

  • Quartz

    When money flows into the hands of women, everything changes

    Discover Melinda Gates’ view on what we can gain when we focus on women’s economic empowerment, and her thoughts on how to invest in promoting equality everywhere.