What is the Crop Gap?

Women farmers are critical to global food production, but lack access to the same resources as their male counterparts such as land, financing, markets, tools and training. We refer to this combination of barriers as the Crop Gap.

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Helping her, helping her community

We partnered with five women filmmakers to give a platform to women farmers around the world and tell their stories about the barriers they face in agriculture. We asked you to watch and vote for the story that moved you most. Now, we are proud to present to you a story about women in Egypt that are currently facing the Crop Gap, but are optimistic about their future thanks to a CARE and PepsiCo Foundation program called “She Feeds the World.”

Suzan, Randa and, Nagla are women farmers living in Egypt that face the Crop Gap. But, a program by CARE called “ She Feeds the World” is aiming to change that by empowering small-scale women farmers through training and education. See how cultural traditions and gender inequality impact three families and how empowering women can help make a positive change in her home and the community.

Alia's Winning Submission

Alia’s submission for “Eman,” the story of a woman who rented land and began to farm to support her family after her husband passed away despite the traditional gender roles in her community, received the most votes. Watch her video below.

And while we could only select one winner, you can see all of the inspiring stories from our filmmakers here.

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